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Lead Generation

We specialize in generating constant flow of targeted and qualified leads for you. No more time wasted on unqualified cold leads. With our modernized lead processing system, we ensure your sales team is speaking with the right prospects every time. Expect to get reliable, consistent leads that turns into predictable and scalable profit for your business.​


Your result is our responsibility. That is why we take a data driven and analytical approach to lead generation. We will continuously help you make strategic analytical based changes to your marketing and sales processes so your business can convert your leads into high value customers as often as possible.​


Our expert team is dedicated to develop a unique plan of action for your business that is focused on results and scalability. We perform daily multi-layer testing with your message and creatives to identify buyer behaviours. This way you can entrust us with your continued success and rely on us to get you the highest return on investment possible.​

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Here is how we can help:

– Increasing the number of customers
– Increasing the average spend per customer
– Increasing the sales conversion rates
– Increasing rates of return customers through data driven customer relationship management
– Increasing overall margins and profitability

“Reduction of cost-per-lead and boost of revenue should be expected. An overall reduced average sales cycle should also be expected given the leads we will generate for you tends to be of premium quality.”

The Refresh Formula

Online Optimization

Your website and social media profiles are the digital version of the front of your office. We will optimize everything needed to maximise your conversion rate.

Lead Generation

The easiest way to improve your exposure is to communicate more with your potential customers. We focus on getting customers to your doorstep.

Conversion Optimization

Getting your business to show up when potential customers search for profitable keyword is what we do and it is worth a fortune to your business.

Growth Automation

Scaling and automating your online marketing efforts is what we do.

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